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Pantenger Rwandan Mango Tea is a blend of the finest Rwandan OP leaves from Rukeri and the most delicate marigold petals and mango pieces.

Pantenger Rwandan tea is cultivated organically in the heart of Central Africa. Located almost on the equator and close to Lake Kivu in western Rwanda, the tea garden is an idyllic place to grow one of the finest orthodox teas. The abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil give the tea a uniquely fresh and sweet aroma. The liquor is a deep translucent copper color, and the blend with mango makes a perfect sweet fruit tea.

Pantenger Black Mango is an afternoon tea. It has been composed to refresh and relax and resemble a tropical place. The mango pieces combine well with the tropical Rwandan black tea. The Mango and Peach essence give the blend a little punch. The marigold flowers make the tea prettier and only add a little acidity to balance with the sweetness of the mango pieces.

Drink Pantenger Mango tea hot or iced.  Contains caffeine.

Brewing a perfect cup:

Add 1 spoon of tea (2 to 3 grams) per 6 FL. Oz hot water 212ºF. Three minutes is the right steeping time.

Brewing Iced Pantenger Mango Tea:

Syrup: 1 spoon of tea (2 to 3 grams) per 3 Fl. Oz hot water 212º. Three minutes is the right steeping time.
Add the hot tea syrup to a glass full of ice cubes.

USDA Organic certified by OTCO


Gluten Free