White Jasmine Tea - Dragon Pearls


Pantenger White Dragon Pearls is organically grown on a single estate in the Chinese province of Yunnan at 5000 ft above sea level. Considered the most refined of the Jasmine teas, it is crafted in a two-step method of processing and scenting.


The leaves and buds are carefully hand-picked during spring. At the tea factory, they are dried on bamboo mats in the open air for three days then heated for several hours to achieve the desired dehydration. The white tea process is simple yet the most difficult to perfect. The result is a lightly oxidized, sweet, floral, and fresh tea.


This stage begins in summer when the Jasmine flowers are ready to bloom. Each afternoon, the most talented jasmine pickers identify which buds are due to flower that night. At the tea factory, the dried white tea is then blended with the jasmine petals for four hours to allow the leaves to absorb the aroma. The following morning, the petals are removed by hand. The process is repeated for four to seven days. Finally, the tea is shaped into pearls to lock in the jasmine aroma.  

Brewed Pantenger White Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea is clear silver in colour with a fresh and floral aroma. It is sweet compared to the bitter jasmine teas made with green tea leaves.

Jasmine scented tea was originally a luxury only available to the Emperor. During the Ming Dynasty, Jasmine Tea was fashionable and of great value. Chinese porcelain with flowers was first crafted for the elites. Visitors coming to see the Emperor were welcomed with Jasmine tea and its popularity first grew in China and then all over the world. Chinese people at home use Jasmine tea nowadays in order to treat their guests with kindness.

It is commonly accepted that the Jasmine plants were brought to China from Persia in the third century BC. Around 1200 years later jasmine plants together with tea bushes were part of the landscape in the Chinese Province of Fujian. Drinking tea surrounded by the jasmine aroma inspire the first scenting tea masters.

Drink Pantenger White Dragon Pearls for a calming and relaxing brew. Contains high levels of antioxidants and amino acids.

How To Serve:

1 Pyramid Bag
Add 6 Fl. Oz. Hot Water (180ºf To 190º).
Brew For 2 To 3 Minutes

Ingredients: USDA Organic Jasmine White Tea
USDA Organic certified by OTCO
Gluten Free